Adult Treatment

Most adults feel that they are too old to get braces or they feel uncomfortable in going into an orthodontic office where all children are seen. Once an adult is seen in our office which is a kid friendly environment, also finds themselves in an adult friendly office environment as well. We take great pride in our practice with an average of 35% adult patients. We have also re-treated prior adult orthodontia patients who previously as a teen wore braces and did not follow with proper retainer wear. These patients always compliment on the new appliances and techniques that have reduced discomfort and shorten the length of treatment time. We can make adjustments to old retainers, make new retainers, or give you options to choose from to correct those crooked teeth.

Dr. Firth can give you a complete complimentary orthodontic examination to determine your individual case options, and to find out what your specific results you want to accomplish. Orthodontic treatment can not only improve your personal appearance and self-esteem but also your incorrect bite, wear of tooth enamel, headaches and jaw joint (TMJ/TMD) pain, and most important you will want to show your beautiful new smile!