Types of Braces


Metal braces are the most common type. They are made of high-grade stainless steel. Today's metal braces are smaller, more comfortable, and more attractive.

Clear Braces

Many patients enjoy the combination of ceramic and metal because it is simultaneously attractive and sturdy. In fact, these braces are so sturdy that many doctors will recommend them to their patients who play sports. Patients are allowed to engage in most everyday activities without fear of delaying or impeding their progress.

Also, because they have a semi-transparent color that will not stain, patients can proceed with necessary orthodontic treatment without having to feel self-conscious. In addition, Clear braces’ smooth, rounded shape allows for greater patient comfort.

These features are designed for patients regardless of age. If you have questions about Clear Braces, consult your orthodontist.


Our orthodontic technicians and Dr. Firth are certified SureSmile providers.

Dr. Firth provides state-of-the-art orthodontic treatment. Instead of bending an archwire by hand, Dr. Firth uses advanced 3-D imaging, virtual simulations and robotically bent archwires customized for your treatment. When the SureSmile wire is inserted into your brackets, each tooth moves directly to the prescribed position. Your teeth don't move faster with SureSmile - they move with precision that was never before possible.

SureSmile utilizes advanced technologies to greatly improve traditional treatment methods. The software provides virtual simulations for Dr. Firth to review planning options and determine your optimum treatment. The target position of each tooth is planned in advance so you’ll know what outcome to expect.

How Does SureSmile® Work?

Dr. Firth will place your braces on and place wires in to even out your teeth. After two to three orthodontic adjustments, Dr. Firth and one of his orthodontic technicians will create a 3-D computer model of your bite by using advanced imaging technology to scan your teeth. The 3-D images can be captured with the OraScanner. The scan procedure is the beginning of your SureSmile treatment.

With the 3-D model, Dr. Firth can now see your teeth and how they fit together from any angle. SureSmile Treatment Planning software provides virtual simulation tools that allow Dr. Firth to determine the final position of your teeth and the most effective plan for your unique treatment needs.

Once your treatment plan is determined, SureSmile directs a robot to bend a Shape-Memory Alloy archwire according to Dr. Firth's prescription. This wire is designed to deliver gentle forces needed to move your teeth consistently and directly to their desired finishing position.

Is my orthodontist still in control of my treatment?

Absolutely. SureSmile allows Dr. Firth to treat patients using the same fundamental process and tools that he or she has used for years. In fact, Dr. Firth has greater control over treatment thanks to the 3-D visualization tools that SureSmile provides.

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SureSmile Lingual Braces®

Our orthodontic technicians and Dr. Firth are certified SureSmile Lingual providers.

How does SureSmile Lingual work?

Using the same technology of SureSmile, Dr. Firth can give you the smile you've been dreaming of without anyone knowing you even have braces. Since the brackets are placed on the lingual, or back side of your teeth, neither the wire or brackets can be seen throughout your treatment.

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Dr. Firth is a Premier, VIP Invisalign recommended Orthodontic provider.

The Invisalign® system is quite simple. Using a combination of 3-D computer technology and dental science, the Invisalign® system is a comfortable alternative to traditional metal braces. Invisalign® receives impressions of your teeth from our office and creates a virtual treatment plan (ClinCheck®) that shows the projected movement of your teeth from the beginning to the end of treatment.

The patient then receives a customized set of aligners, usually wearing each set for two weeks until they have finished the series. The aligners are precisely calibrated and manufactured for each individual treatment plan and are only removed to eat, brush and floss.

Patients rave about not only the aesthetics of this new technology, but the convenience as well. Patients can brush and floss normally and eat and drink what they want. Also, there are no wires, metal or brackets to cause mouth abrasions, which is a concern for many patients with traditional metal braces.

Invisalign® is not suitable for all cases, Dr. Firth can determine if this treatment option is right for you. Dr. Firth is a premier, VIP Invisalign recommended Orthodontic provider.

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Invisalign® Teen

Dr. Firth is a Premier, VIP Teen Invisalign recommended Orthodontic provider.

Now teens don’t have to worry about embarrassing metal braces in their yearbook photos or Facebook profiles – introducing Invisalign® Teen! Invisalign® Teen is the clear way to straighten teeth without metal braces, using aligners. Aligners are removable and virtually invisible, which means you can straighten your teeth without anyone knowing; and you can still eat and drink what you want. Also, you can brush and floss normally to maintain healthy gums and teeth; and there are no wires, metal or brackets to cause mouth abrasions.

We went to leading orthodontists, parents and teens themselves to custom-design an Invisalign® system just right for the dental needs of teenagers. With blue-to-clear color-changing aligners to show how long each aligner has been worn, six free replacement aligners in case some are lost or broken, and other changes designed to accommodate growing mouths, Invisalign® Teen is the perfect teeth-straightening system for today’s teens’ busy lifestyles!

What is Invisalign® Teen?

  • Invisible way to straighten your teeth without braces.
  • Series of clear, removable, custom-made aligners.
  • Uses no metal wires or brackets.
  • Custom-made for comfort.

How does Invisalign® Teen work?

  • Wear each set of aligners for about two weeks.
  • Remove only to eat, drink, brush and floss.
  • Your teeth will move gradually each week.
  • Visit us every 8-10 weeks.
  • Total treatment time averages 6-15 months.
  • Average number of aligners is between 18 and 30.

The benefits of wearing Invisalign® Teen? They look great, are easy to maintain, easy to remove, comfortable and cool! It’s the perfect solution for your teen’s smile!

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