3d printed Braces

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LightForce is the world’s only provider of 3D printed braces that are completely customized to precisely fit your smile. With a perfect fit every time, treatment is more efficient, more comfortable, and often in faster treatment.

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Revolutionary System

The revolutionary LightForce system allows our team to use precision 3D technology to customize every bracket to fit the unique features of every smile.

LightPlan Treatment Software

Digital planning software that allows us to create and adjust treatment plans.

LightTray Indirect Bonding

Ergonomically designed and 3D printed for each individual smile, these trays ensure precision placement.

Cloud Brackets by LightForce

3D printed ceramic brackets engineered to fit each individual smile plan.

Benefits of LightForce

Faster treatment

Fewer appointments

Beautiful results

how does it work?

Hygienists looking at their patient's x-rays

We perform 3D scans of your mouth and teeth without messy impressions. The system considers your jawline, lips, and facial features to deliver a smile that looks great on your face

We create perfect fit custom brackets made of polycrystalline alumina to make them more discreet than traditional braces

We place them on your teeth in the exact prescribed position

Upper and lower braces can be applied in less than an hour